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Related post: Date: Fri, sun elweb bbs 14 Apr 2006 22:45:10 -0700 From: Subject: Queer Years Part TwoQueer Years By: AberrationA narration of a boy's introduction to sexuality by a peer who has been the object naked bbs teeny of lifelong participation in adult activities, bbs girl foto small involves his best friend and they wind up forming a sex club within a private swimming team, just as the new boy picture post bbs sexy had participated in his previous residence. Story Codes: b/b, m/b, oral, analDisclaimer: This story contains little sister bbs depictions of graphic sex between boys and between boys and adult loita bbs japan males. If this story offends you, you are below the age of 18, or such material is not zeps dark collection bbs allowed bbs for free in your area, please stop reading. Also, this story is best nasty bbs site entirely a work of FICTION with no basis in reality. I do not endorse or condone this behavior in any way, shape or form in real life. Use your mind only and let everyone else do little russian girls bbs bikinis bbs little the free pedo bbs pass same.Your critique is welcomed, and I will try to cp hardcore virgin bbs respond, send to: aberrationhush.comPart Two: Frank's fozya bbs blog ConfessionFrankie Hines moved into our neighborhood just before he turned fourteen, going into the eighth grade, at the same school my best friend Mike and would start seventh grade at, in the fall.Hi, it's me again, Craig Jones, remember? I'd just turned thirteen and was completely naive, but had begun to `feel different' small llitas bbs about things. I'd never had teen girl bbs forum any kind of sex when only an hour or so after meeting the buff, athletic older boy dark kdz bbs he had begun my own mysterious, terribly young nude bbs sites exciting and confusing journey into the world of sex.Right in the middle, well beginning of the middle, I was getting my first taste of cock ever and he like, stops!"Stop, shit that was close, man where'd you learn that?""I liked it." bbs boy thai I said plainly.I guess it was just so open and honest; he couldn't take it and began his confession by admitting that far from his first time, he did this stuff a lot and not just other boys."It all started when I was about six, I guess," he began after bbs model imagefap I encouraged him. It was an exciting time to begin with, Christmas just days away, hustle, bustle, seeing Santa and relatives arriving, the house getting crowded, sleeping arrangements cramped and Frankie was relegated to sleeping on a an old army cot, so his mother's kds ranchi bbs youngest brother could have the small bed in his room. Oh, his mom knew alright, he'd discovered much later, knew Uncle Terry's reputation, the bbs teen dark board three or four times suspicions had been raised, young nude tgp bbs but managed to kiddy preeteens bbs worm his way out of, knew her brother liked to bbs porn boys surround himself with kids, boys to be specific."He pulled me into my own bed three days before Christmas," Frankie said, his voice quivering just a bit. "It scared the shit out of me, he nude young bbs ls was completely naked and his dick was totally hard already. He spooned up against me, and then took my hand and put it right on his bbs young virgin cock and asked me if I knew what it was.""Wad'ya do?" I asked, enthralled, excited illigal children porn bbs and confused that listening to him tell what I knew was his molestation could turn me on."Nothin'" he said, "He reached into my pajamas and started playing toplist russian bbs with my dick, he was kinda surprised, `cuz even then I was big, not like now, but I was almost four inches hard then.""He gave me my first tingles in my own bed," he went on, "Played tgp rcp bbs with me for about an hour I guess, making me tingle over and top model bbs over and I was starting to doze off when he put me back in the cot and went to the bathroom. He went in there and beat off after messing around pedo girls nude bbs with me.""The turk pedo bbs next day everyone else went free dark bbs shopping and we were alone. He took me into the bedroom and took off both our clothes and I saw his adult cock for the first time. He showed me how to take it in my hand and stroke it for him until he shot gobs of his jizz all over his belly. Then photo bbs russian he masturbated me till I got my first real orgasm, not just tingling like the night before.""We were messing around the whole time after that and Christmas night after all the excitement had worn down, he talked me into sucking him and letting him squirt his stuff in my mouth. I didn't pretty angels ll bbs like it at rape forced sex bbs first, tpg bbs porn child after I'd tasted it a little bit; it was kinda sweet, but salty at the same time. By the time he got caught for real about four months later, I was letting him spurt inside my mouth and swallowing most of it, but what I really found out was that the kid he was caught with, this really hot twelve year old who'd just started creaming, his cum tasted way better then my twenty-six year old uncle's.""My uncle Terry was a total perv, man, he couldn't stop himself from molesting boys and I guess by the time that kid, Evan turned him in, he'd done things with dozens russian schoolgirls bbs of shocking bbs his students at the Elementary School where he taught English at the fifth grade. I mean like pictures and everything. He never took mine, but I saw his bbs livedoor max gnom stash lots of times and there were lots of different kids, man and lots of `em where you can see Terry sucking some hairless little three inch boner, then bbs tpg the kid's mouth stretching over my uncle's cock. There were over two hundred where you can see some kids asshole stretched out as Uncle Terry fucked him.""Funny, but ranchi rompl bbs they never questioned me, clip young teen bbs not once, forum young bbs mostly top models bbs I guess because my Mom blocked the way, but she never asked me either. In fact she encouraged me when I bbs tiny russian bbs list teens wanted to "help Evan get over it"."'Course the truth is, Evan loved having his cock sucked and knew he was gay. He loved having Terry to have sex with, but the authorities kids photo bbs had badgered and bbs private teen hounded him relentlessly and he broke down. He felt guilty enough to go through with it nude child fuck bbs and sent Uncle Terry away for ever. I guess I really did help him get over it, well naturist beach bbs pics at first anyway, because it only took a xxx bbs forum couple days after everything was pretty much over for him to let me take his pants and undies down and suck young bbs pic that sweet juice from his almost five inch prong.""It was totally one way, but I didn't care, I loved sucking his newly furred cock, his cum is still the tastiest I've ever swallowed, but he got another round of nonude bbs forum guilt trips and broke it off after only a couple of months.""Then when I was about nine, my elwebbs biz darkcollection sister, oh yeah, she's already in college now," extreme bbs xxx he explained, since I had no idea he had any siblings, "dated this all-American like guy that got to like me, so I bbs forum cp got to be water boy for the high school, at practice and free kids bbs porn stuff. He was about seventeen when I met him."Then he laughed kinda loudly, catching himself and pausing, listening for any fatal footsteps."Turned out he REALLY liked me and it got to where I was spending more time with him then she was, giving him lots more sex too!" teen hc bbs he grinned slyly. "Sex with Billy was really great, he made it lots of fun, it wasn't scary and shit elwebbs great bbs like that first time. He let me make up illegal bbs magazine my own mind on how far things went when he finally got up enough courage to try and sex me up.""He taught me to how to really enjoy it, I miss him, and I really do, nobody ever since has giving bbs listings me an image teen bbs orgasm just by fucking me, he was so good I didn't have to touch ls bbs schoolgirl videos myself.""He went away to college to and nothing really happened for a couple of years, oh I messed around with a few friends, mostly kid stuff, but my best friend was Jacob was he one that got me join the swim team and that's where I met Ryan, free bbs ranchi he was like fifteen I think."The very toned and virile teen had taken my new friend under his wing the first day he went to join and made sure that he knew the ropes, which included new guys staying after to help clean up. This meant they were bbs erotic blog the last people at the complex. Unbeknownst to my friend, the man who owned and ran the club would watch as, his now too old and guestbook forum bbs pedo close to being a man, young friend attempted to seduce the very cute new recruit, all through a two way mirror.Of course Ryan was successful, Frankie happily traded back washes, then jacking bbs sun free samples each other up to erection and after rinsing off, a sixty-nine 14 yo teens bbs on the locker room floor, lying on their towels, culminating with the teen's load in Frankie's belly and my teen bbs forum friend gleefully dry cumming bbs top sex multiple times."It was great again," the older boy told me, "The sex I mean, we got together after every practice for about two weeks, sometimes after school. He wasn't as good as my footballer, but he fucked pretty good, he could last a lot longer then bbs ls bd Billy, sometimes I'd get so bbs lingerie model sore I'd make him yank it out and pree teen bbs just suck it for him.""Then he hc porn bbs invited me to stay the weekend, except he didn't bbs teenny tell me it wouldn't be at his house, we went to Matt's house, he was teens bbs backdoor the guy that started the club."Matt Davidson had never acted on his true urges after bbs topsites he'd been caught sucking the nine year old he was suppose to be babysitting when he pretten bbs child was seventeen, and allowed to escape punishment. Masturbation and a couple of flings with young, boyish looking freshman while he was a junior and senior in college were his only outlets. He had devoted himself to swimming, only to have it all blown by a lousy hamstring.Until he started the Dolphins swim club with an insurance payoff, more so, exactly why he started the damn thing in model nn bbs the first place, he'd gone ten long years without what he truly desired. The operation was barely six weeks old when the first boy literally presented himself, sexy top kdz bbs a single parent product, lacking in male influence that quickly idolized the first man who paid him more than a passing bit of attention.Matt bbs kds top nude bbs teen model would never forget when he finally could resist no rusian bbs longer and talked the boy into receiving a massage, stripping off his tight little suit and exposing the boy's smooth, silky eleven year old body, totally devoid of hair, just a light blonde dusting that matched his platinum head laced about his forearms and calves. Stroking, massaging and slipping oiled young bbs models hands over every sensuous inch, lovingly kneading the tight, firm globs of boy cheeks, slipping up to roll the tiny testicles bbs girl kids sex between his fingers, then flipping the completely complacent boy onto his back, sliding his fingers to the sun bbs lol slim, three inch boy stalk and stroking the tense, quivering little boy into a squealing, thrashing and satiating dry orgasm.When he had tgp bbs phtc to move away a year later, they'd done everything, including letting Matt take his cherry and take the first Polaroid's to start his collection. Matt simply kept his eyes peeled, then manipulated a very nice twelve year old, green eyed, blonde haired youngster that was underground sex bbs almost always tumescent while showering with his peers, again using what would became the most reliable method, the massage.It was the boys' first orgasms and like many of his peers was hooked at first, until nude bbbs the fascination wore off and guilt would sometimes take over. After a few weeks or months the relationship would come apart or the boy would suddenly break it off. Some wanted to `be straight'; others found that their peers were more fun, whatever would happen, Matt would move on, slowly discovering that the pursuit, seduction and the first time were his nucleus of excitement. The firsts that occurred with each virginal or barely aware youngster, helping him discover the first pleasures of sex. The anal pleasures, how sucking can be exciting, plugged by your first cock, or sticking your barely maturing cock inside a slick warm sheath, all these could keep most of his conquests interested for at least a few months, but in the end, they all would move on, keeping their secrets.There were more then several incidents within the club as well, the installation of special glass, a one way mirror, several viewing portals into the toilet and nymph search top bbs shower facilities, spending large amounts of cash on special cameras, all to bbs petite model nudes capture angel bbs kds galleries and witness the naked bodies of over 30 to 40 developing young males, at the clubs peak. Many unsuspecting lad, and more then a few couples, had performed the common right of burgeoning young youth before the hidden eyes and cameras of the obsessed pedophile as he masturbated furiously to each new occurrence."By the time I met him," Frankie went on seriously, "He free petite bbs was really into just watching, especially like with me and Ryan, the older teen guy seducing an innocent little guy, making movies and taking bbs pornsite all kinds of pictures.""That's what we did that whole weekend, he only made Ryan lolbbspost suck him off once, but he did butt fuck me a lot, `cuz I was story sex bbs really into that, as much as he was.""Before we moved here, I was doin like Ryan, getting little guys to sex with me, so Matt could take post bbs teens movies, and then fuck the shit out of the kid. He's still there, man, groomed my replacement, this totally nudist nature bbs hot seventh grader that had a bigger dick then me!"Coming soon: Chapter Three Breaking in Mike; Craig's new friend helps him initiate his best friend.
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